Vegetable Dishesx


Niramish- Dry mixed vegetable(medium spice)

Vegetable Curry - Medium cooked with sauce and mixed vegetables

Aloo Geria - Spicy potatoes garnished with red onion and corainder

Bombay Aloo - Spicy potatoes cooked with corainders

Cauliflower Bhaji - Spicy Cauliflower cooked with corainders

Aloo Gobi - cooked with potatoes and cauliflowes

Dhall Massala - Medium spicy thick lentals

Tarka Dhall - Medium thin lentals

Bhindi Bhaji - Spicy Okra cooked with onions

Brinjal Bhaji - Oberjine cooked with spice and onions

Sag Bhaji - Spicy Spinach cooked with garlic

Chana Massala - Cheak peas cooked with onions and spice

Sag Aloo - Spinach and Pototaes medium spicy

Korai Vegetable - Medium Spicy Vegetables cooked with Onions and green peppers

Subzi Jalfrezi - Very hot vegetables cooked with green chillis

Sag Panir - Spinach and cheese cooked together

Motar Panir - Peas and Cheese cooked together

Brinjal Panir - Oberjine and cheese cooked together